28th January 2021
2020 in review: a year of firsts for DEXET Technologies

2020 in review

2020 will be a year that goes down in history for many reasons, but for DEXET Technologies it will stand as a positive 12-month turning point for the future. From working in Formula One to light-weighting one of the most important hypercars of the 21st Century, the team has derived its review of 2020: DEXET Technologies’ first year of independent consultancy.

With over ten years’ experience working in Formula One, DEXET Technologies continued to develop and design a range of composite structures for a leading manufacturer in Formula One, in 2020. Its independent engineering consultancy services included a range of aerodynamic parts and bodywork, which were implemented to the final car and proved to be a winning formula. Despite fans only being able to enjoy the season via television and social media, Formula One once again proved its popularity within motorsport, of which the team was delighted to play a small part.

Off season, DEXET Technologies provided independent consultancy for a leading road-going hypercar to create one of the most crucial elements of the vehicle; its chassis. The team provided design for the hypercar’s chassis and other vital structural parts, as well as advising on composite material selection. Since reducing weight was a pivotal part of the project this was vital input that DEXET Technologies provided on what was its first hypercar project.

Finishing off 2020 the team is delighted to see the limited-edition production supercar in the metal that it provided manufacturing molding design for. DEXET Technologies worked on the project on behalf of a leading, UK-based composite manufacturer, designing the mold tools as well as jigs and fixtures for the lightweight supercar. Playing a pivotal support role, the production tooling design was used to manufacture crucial parts such as the supercar’s active aerodynamic wing and its doors.

Looking forward to 2021, DEXET Technologies continues to work from its recently-formed London, UK offices on a range of engineering consultancy projects. From Formula One to full-production, road going vehicles, DEXET Technologies proves that you need a winning team behind you to succeed. To discuss how the team may be able to help, email

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