Don’t find a fault.
Find a remedy.
Henry Ford

This sums DEXET Technologies’ ethos and team state-of-mind. 

As a collective of consultants, the team see problems as opportunities to innovate, and, as engineers, the team is used to dealing with complex challenges on a daily basis. 

DEXET Technologies’ services can be adopted by a multitude of industries, giving its customers the choice to have skilled engineers work at their facilities, or remotely from DEXET Technologies’ London, UK or San Diego, USA offices. 

Depending on the size and duration of the project, DEXET Technologies can also scale up its team, while tailoring the capability requirements if they go beyond the firm’s standard offerings, keeping all technical activities under one roof and under one direction.

DEXET Technologies likes setting high goals for itself and the work it does; supporting its clients remotely or on-site, and always abiding by the highest professional standards.


A preview of DEXET Technologies’ toolkit.

Setting high goals in the work it does, DEXET Technologies always abides by the highest professional standards, working with clients remotely or with them at their offices on site.

Structural Design
Understanding the materials, methods and manufacturing technologies to get your best product on the map.
Simulation and Analysis
Natives in digitalising each vision, and predicting, validating and optimising each part using state of the art advanced CAE capabilities.
Project Management
Managing complexities and providing end to end solutions for clear and reliable results in product design and product development.
Lightweighting Consulting
“In order to improve efficiency in anything, you’ve got to make it lighter” - John Barnard (race car designer).
Manufacturing Consulting
Optimising the production process and return on investment for quality, repeatable parts.
Part Manufacturing
Experienced engineering consultants that understand a wide range of manufacturing methodologies, as well as reverse engineering techniques…

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