23rd January 2024
Designed to deliver: extending DEXET’s track record beyond the circuit


The world is rapidly transitioning towards cleaner and more sustainable modes of transportation, driven by the pressing need to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. In this transformative era, the expertise of motorsport engineering firms has emerged as a catalyst for innovation, particularly in the realm of green transportation. DEXET Technologies (DEXET) remains at the forefront of this innovation and progress, and its latest project explains why a motorsport mindset should be applied to other methods of transport and mobility vehicles.

DEXET's abilities extend far beyond engineering for Formula 1 and high-performance cars. Headquartered in London (UK) and with a global presence, DEXET possesses a deep-rooted knowledge of racing car design and optimisation; this allows it to deliver crucial performance upgrades to cars in mere weeks and overhaul entire concepts to meet tight regulations within months. This also means that DEXET is able to apply its cutting-edge philosophy to a variety of projects outside of the racing world, with undeniable success.

Recently, DEXET has showcased its engineering prowess on the innovative Revolve folding wheelchair, the first of its kind to fit inside an airplane’s overhead storage compartment, which has already won countless awards. Its team is also working on an internal, Next Level skunkworks mobility pod for cities and urban areas, alongside its ever-growing pool of client projects. Nonetheless, the latest manifestation of DEXET’s capabilities lies in the electric delivery vehicle market, as DEXET can affirm that its design engineering team has delivered the full production-ready vehicle assembly CAD package for a new battery-electric commercial vehicle on behalf of a ground-breaking new client.

The team at DEXET was able to take the client’s vision from their styling intent to a complete, road-ready vehicle in just under six months – all thanks to a dedicated, passionate and focused team who rely on their motorsport mindset and skillset to achieve what may at first seem impossible. On this project DEXET was responsible for the complete design of the vehicle’s cabin, which included: determining the position of critical components in the vehicle layout; designing the structural frame, exterior and interior body panels, electrical harnessing and HVAC system; all the while ensuring that safety and homologation requirements were exceeded, and driver ergonomics targets were achieved.

With any project at DEXET, the same level of inquisition, dedication and knowledge of detail-oriented engineering is applied to push every possible boundary and deliver the best results for its clients. That starts with understanding the brief of what the vehicle needs to deliver first and foremost. In the case of the electrical delivery vehicle, the key client requirements were to ensure the safety of the passengers, maintain a low vehicle weight, respect the class-leading ergonomics targets, design the exterior and interior bodywork to match the desired styling, and create a vehicle that is both easy to manufacture and assemble. The team was able to leverage its vast experience in the motorsports and automotive sectors to ultimately deliver a lightweight and efficient final assembly that met all of the client’s performance requirements.

DEXET has evolved beyond just a motorsport engineering and composites firm; it has become a holistic engineering agency that caters to the entire transportation and mobility industry. In this case, the short project delivery window proves that DEXET is able to undertake large challenges and turn them around extremely quickly with a high level of accuracy and careful attention to detail. The use of composite materials for the manufacture of low-volume vehicle prototypes facilitates this rapid turnaround time, and led to the client being able to successfully test their first vehicle soon after the design was completed by DEXET.

For more information about how DEXET can extract the full potential of any engineering project, its team is contactable via email at, and face-to-face meetings at its UK HQ are welcomed.

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