16th June 2023
HyTech Racing at Georgia Tech – Sponsored for the 2022 - 23 Season

hytech racing

DEXET Technologies is a proud sponsor of Georgia Tech’s HyTech Racing, an all-electric Formula Student team that is competing at this year’s FSAE Michigan competition. This industry-revered event is known to showcase the abilities of the engineers of the future, and receives extraordinary engagement from students and professionals alike. It is race day in Michigan, and HyTech’s countless hours of work on their HT07 race car will be put to the test against the best teams in the US.

Over the course of the 2022-23 season, the DEXET team was able to support HyTech Racing by providing design expertise in aerodynamics and composites gathered from DEXET’s experience in Formula 1. By holding regular meetings throughout the year, DEXET was able to review and direct the team’s design work, ensuring the students were always pushing the boundaries of their car’s performance, all the while learning more about engineering design.

HyTech Racing

One of DEXET’s very own team members, Federico Roma, was once part of HyTech Racing during his time as an undergraduate at Georgia Tech. He joined the team in his first year, and eventually became the lead aerodynamicist for the team. He had a few words to say regarding the partnership that he helped create:

“I am incredibly proud to be able to sponsor HyTech Racing as a Georgia Tech alumnus. It brings me great joy to still be a small part of this extremely talented team of students and to help them grow into one of the best FSAE teams in the US. Over the last year at DEXET we have been able to share our knowledge and expertise in motorsport aerodynamics and composite design in order to aid the team in designing an innovative race car, and to help the students develop into more experienced engineers. Seeing the progress that HyTech have made in just two generations of car design from HT05 to HT07 is mind-blowing; from their first-ever wings to a bodywork kit complete with sidepods, undertray, front wing and rear wing, the students’ skills have improved in leaps and bounds in just a couple of years. I am extremely grateful to be able to give back to the team that gave me so much during my time at Georgia Tech, and I look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.”

DEXET Technologies recognises the immense value of the Formula Student program in the development of young engineers and continues to be excited about supporting HyTech Racing. We have thoroughly enjoyed this season with the team and wish them the best of luck in the ongoing FSAE Michigan competition. We are very confident in the bright future of the students and hope to see them push the limits of anything they set their minds to in the coming years.

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