26th June 2024
HyTech Racing Shines at FSAE Electric 2024

hytech team

DEXET Technologies are incredibly proud to sponsor HyTech Racing, Georgia Tech’s all-electric Formula Student team, for a second successive year. After working hard all year, HyTech showcased all their engineering prowess at the recent Michigan FSAE Electric competition, where 79 teams competed for the title. They secured jaw-dropping first places in the acceleration, skidpad and autocross events, while going the distance in the endurance event. This impressive performance led to an outstanding fourth-place finish overall, something the whole team should be extremely proud of.

The students' talents were on full display throughout the competition, with every clever engineering solution implemented on their lightning-fast machine culminating in their achievement. The countless hours spent designing, building, and testing their race car demonstrated remarkable commitment and passion. Their relentless pursuit of excellence has set a high standard for all FSAE teams and brought numerous trophies back to Georgia Tech.

Looking ahead, the partnership between HyTech Racing and DEXET Technologies is set to continue, with both entities eagerly anticipating even greater achievements. The team at DEXET strongly believes in investing in future talent, so as HyTech Racing prepares for upcoming competitions, DEXET Technologies remains committed to providing unwavering support. In the meantime, everyone at DEXET would like to congratulate every member of the team on a fantastic season.

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