13th May 2024
An Innovative Collaboration between Andrea Mocellin and DEXET Technologies


London, UK – May 13th, 2024 – Independent mobility designer Andrea Mocellin and lightweighting experts DEXET Technologies have partnered once again, this time to work on a concept feasibility study for a new, ultra-efficient, single-seater electric vehicle. The goal? To challenge existing assumptions about the aerodynamics, design, and efficiency of compact electric vehicles. The idea for the vehicle was sparked by London’s narrow (and often congested) roads clogged with SUVs carrying single passengers to and from work. A small, zero-emission vehicle purpose-designed for commuting inside a city was an exciting prospect that DEXET and Andrea Mocellin wanted to explore together.

In another groundbreaking collaboration following the success of the Revolve wheelchair, DEXET Technologies - an engineering consultancy specialising in lightweighting, composites and CAE simulations - and Andrea Mocellin - renowned for his design prowess honed through 15+ years in the automotive and aviation industries - unveil a visionary urban vehicle concept. The vehicle, nicknamed “Zigy”, was meticulously crafted by DEXET and tailored by Andrea Mocellin, leveraging their joint expertise in micromobility and automotive design.














The result is an iconic vehicle that boasts supreme aerodynamic efficiency and a lightweight construction, perfectly suited to the challenges of congested city streets. This ergonomic, efficient design was the outcome of numerous design loops which revolved around aerodynamics, aesthetics, passenger visibility considerations and a multitude of other factors. In an effort to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the vehicle, the chassis was designed using thermoplastic composites, allowing for improved reusability and recyclability compared to thermosets. Moreover, a selection of recycled carbon fibres and natural fibres were chosen for the construction of the exterior and interior bodywork panels to further minimise the environmental impact.
















“This project represents a convergence of design ingenuity and engineering excellence," says Andrea Mocellin. "Our goal is to reshape urban mobility by creating vehicles that not only meet the demands of modern cities but exceed expectations in both functionality and aesthetics.”

The feasibility study, initially supported by the Niche Vehicle Network (NVN), perfectly showcases how collaboration between lean and innovative companies can yield high-profile results. Initial sketches were turned into an engineered vehicle concept in under three months thanks to the effortless synergy between Andrea Mocellin and DEXET Technologies.

“Working with Andrea is always a pleasure for us,” says Francesco Aglietti, founder and CEO of DEXET Technologies. “Ever since our collaboration on the revolutionary Revolve wheelchair, we have needed Andrea’s remarkable design talents on numerous occasions, with Zigy being the latest example. We have a deep appreciation for each other’s work and this creates an inherent understanding between our two teams, which is crucial for the efficient delivery of any successful project.”

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To learn more about this innovative collaboration and explore future partnership opportunities, please contact:

Andrea Mocellin
+49 151 41691561

DEXET Technologies
+44 77 6933 9207


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