12th January 2021
Introduction to DEXET Technologies

DEXET Technologies

The famous “Race on Sunday—Sell on Monday” quote —the old adage that says if you race and win on a Sunday, customers will flock to buy your products on Monday. This relies on a winning team behind it, a team that will innovate and excel. But it’s not just rapid sales that can be a case study for motorsport, it’s the fast design lifecycle and material applications that we can all learn and take note from, too. 

Formula One is the pinnacle of this, but motorsport series’ such as DTM, Le Mans and Nascar also has the same ethos. One company that is leading the way with motorsport engineering and applying that learning to other areas of engineering and material manufacturing and parts production is UK and US-based DEXET Technologies. 

The consultancy firm that was born on the experience of product design, simulation and manufacturing based within the pinnacle of motor racing, Formula One, is looking at diversifying its learning within composite materials, scientific engineering and next-generation and renewable manufacturing methods. DEXET Technologies is doing all of this with the same mantra: to be constantly curious. 

Leading a team of UK and US-based engineers, DEXET Technologies’ founder Francesco Aglietti is constantly curious and channels his collective creative engineering skills to lead a team that create new solutions that are an improvement of what has been done before. He does this with the team to not only collectively have the courage of trusting an effective scientific approach but also accelerating innovation, much like the fast design lifecycle of high-performance motorsport parts. 

From transforming high-performance vehicles, making them lighter, stronger and more efficient, DEXET Technologies has been involved in the engineering of some of the greatest, ground-breaking and award-winning products and components within the high-performance automotive industry. But in many ways, it’s just getting started in showing what composite materials can achieve for different applications, by using innovative and creative engineering. 

When you talk to DEXET Technologies you will quickly understand that as a team they are constantly striving to break boundaries and beat (and exceed) their client’s objectives.  

Francesco and his engineering team believes that the beauty of engineering and development is not just working to a brief or a set of objectives, but the knowledge and science of how a material can change the way a component or set of parts works. To have that fundamental competency to understand specific materials, their material property pros and cons and how they react to certain stresses, can lead to world-class and world-solving applications. 

It’s this founding belief of the team, which is ingrained in everything that they do, that has allowed them to innovate and keep searching for new ways of applying advanced composite materials and material science. From speed in manufacture to reduced use of energy and material as well as cost and planet saving qualities, DEXET Technologies is constantly innovating by trying something for the first time, taking inspiration from motorsport and applying it to new vehicles and products. 

DEXET Technologies is constantly curious, researching, exploring and testing novel and effective ways of using composite materials, engineering knowledge and adapting them. To contact the team or learn more about their methods and application beliefs of composite materials, email

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